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wrapper largerSam Kulik – The Broadcast
Bort Records 001

Sam recorded himself doing the play-by-play of a 9-inning game between the Marlins and Mets and then set the whole thing to music. The 3-hour narration is issued as a set of 20 baseball cards, each of which unlocks an mp3 at Look for autographs and other rarities!

Audio samples here.

featuring Kyle Forester, Ian Antonio, Kevin Shea, Jon Lipscomb, Brandon Seabrook, Austin Vaughn, Matt Nelson, Moppa Elliott, Louise DE Jensen, Russell Greenberg, Karen Waltuch, Jeremiah Cymerman, Tom Blancarte, Amie Weiss, Ed Pastorini, Shahzad Ismaily, Bruce Eisenbeil, Tony Bianco, Kamala Sankaram, Rick Burkhardt, Dubl Handi, Frantz Loriot, and more…

Quantity (7 random cards per pack, shipping cost included)


Escape from Society
Sam Kulik – Escape from Society

Hot Cup 113

feat. Sam Kulik, Kyle Forester, Ian Antonio, Matt Nelson
w/ guests Moppa Elliott, Tom Blancarte, Jeremiah Cymerman, Amie Weiss



AtlantASS CD
Talibam! and Sam Kulik Discover AtlantASS
Belly Kids 014

Madcap underwater environmentalist sex opera in two acts, accompanied by a 30-page full-color comic book detailing the whole in(s)ane story.



Free Society
Johnny Society – “Free Society”

Great rock record.  Johnny Society’s 6th release and the first with this lineup, which I’m very proud to be a part of.  Listen to some on the “Listen/Look” page.

$10 CD (+$2 domestic shipping)


Concrete FlowersThe New York Soundpainting Orchestra – “Concrete Flowers”
Dane Recordings 0069

This is the product of a few years’ working with Walter Thompson’s instant composition language Soundpainting.  Very solid young downtown crew of players (9-piece band!) making some music that’s unique in the improvised field.

$10 CD (+$2 domestic shipping)


NEW FOR CHRISTMAS 2014!!! Yulenog 10, the 10th edition of a holiday tradition of getting together and making an hilarious and/or touching and/or offensive album of Christmas music.

y10_cover_dlYulenog 10 features 16 original songs (new studio recordings of our favorite songs from volumes 1-9). The other composer/performers include Moppa Elliott, Jon Irabagon, Charles Evans, Kyle Forester, Kevin Shea, Bryan Murray, Matt Nelson, Gareth Flowers, Kyle Saulnier, and more.

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